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Contemporary single-family homes, modern condominiums, luxurious townhouses and large estates and manors can be found in Kendall, offering prospective buyers a wide variety of housing styles with an equally wide variety of price ranges. Condominiums and townhouses are available throughout the entire city and range in price from $150,000 to $2 million and more in newly developed complexes such as Dadeland or in high traffic areas with amenities. Two-, three- and four-bedroom homes in all shapes and sizes range in price from the mid $300,000 to $5 million and up in subdivisions such as Continental Park, Kendale, Leewood, the Falls, Pine Acres and The Crossings. Larger properties in upscale areas such as Suniland, Killian, Palmetto, Pinecrest, Galloway Glen, and Mary Ann Estates range in price from $700,000 to several million dollars and higher. Some historical homes are also available as are land and lots for custom building.
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Situated between South Miami and the Everglades, Kendall is comprised of a vast collection of housing complexes, residential neighborhoods and superb shopping centers making it the largest suburban bedroom community in Miami-Dade County. Possessing such a wide variety of housing choices is Kendall?s greatest advantage over neighboring communities. Newcomers are able to select from virtually any neighborhood in the area and find a great number of townhouses, condominiums and homes to fit any budget. There are many local parks, waterways, community centers and golf courses within a short distance of most neighborhoods. Residents take part in a variety of community events during the year. The city?s educational system is an impressive arrangement of public and private schools while the local road and highway network is constantly improving. Metrorail services the area with fast, reliable transportation to downtown. Residents are close to the Tamiami Airport, the Miami Zoo and the ocean. Kendall is mainly a commuting town since a majority of its 77,000 residents are employed outside the community. However, attractive housing opportunities make this area and its welcoming neighborhoods a popular place to live. Kendall predominately consists of single-family dwellings with over 70% of them being owner occupied.

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